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Автор Тема: Purchase & Use Methods of Fruit Drying Machine  (Прочитано 22 раз)
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With the implementation of the national policy of benefiting farmers, especially after the local financial subsidies for Fruit Drying Machine, the development trend of Fruit Drying gf-machine is even more rapid. Proper selection and use of Fruit Drying Machine, and proper maintenance, plays an important role in improving the quality of fruits and vegetables and extending the service life of Fruit Drying Machine.

1, the purchase of Fruit Drying Machine

At present, there are many types of Fruit Drying Machine on the market. Since different materials have different requirements for drying effect, it is necessary to be cautious when purchasing the dryer. The price and model of the Fruit Drying Machine are determined by various aspects such as material, effective drying area, performance and heat source form. There is no uniform standard for the price of dryers on the market, and most manufacturers are pricing after calculating the production cost. Because the materials and performance of different models of dryers are different, so the price is also uneven. When selecting a Fruit Drying Machine, attention should be paid to the structure and quality.

2, the correct use of Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine uses a fully automatic method for drying fruits and vegetables. Proper use of Fruit Drying Machine not only improves its drying efficiency, but also reduces its damage to itself.

2.1 Material selection, cleaning

Choose fruits and vegetables that are rich in fleshy quality. Before drying, you should strictly select the best and worse, and remove the pests, decay, overripe or unripe. In addition to melon seeded mash, other types of fruits and vegetables can be washed clean with water, and then dried in a cool place, but should not be exposed to the sun.

2.2 Cutting, blanching

When the cleaned fruits and vegetables are cut into pieces, silk, strips and other shapes according to the demand, the types of fruits and vegetables are different, and the boiled water is easy to boil, and it is easy to cook and boil in boiling water for a short time. Leaf vegetables are best not to be blanched.

With the implementation of the national policy of benefiting farmers, especially after the local financial subsidies for Fruit Drying Machine, the development trend of Fruit Drying gf-machine is even more rapid. Proper selection and use of Fruit Drying Machine, and proper maintenance, plays an important role in improving the quality of fruits and vegetables and extending the service life of Fruit Drying Machine. Let's continue to learn how to use Fruit Drying gf-machine

2.3 Cooling and draining

After pre-cooking, the fruits and vegetables should be cooled immediately (usually by cold water), so that they can quickly drop to normal temperature. After cooling, in order to shorten the drying time, you can use the centrifuge to shake the water, or you can use simple techniques to squeeze the water. After the water is drained, you can spread it out and dry it for baking.

2.4 Drying

We should choose different drying temperature, drying time, drying moisture content and drying process according to different types of fruits and vegetables. During drying, the cold air passes through the heat exchanger, and heats the air in the drying room through heat conduction, heat radiation and thermal convection. Under the action of the blower, the hot air is completely dispersed in the drying room, and the hot air and the materials are fully thermally exchanged. Under the action of the dehumidification fan, the water vapor is discharged out of the drying room, and then the purpose of drying is achieved.

3. Adjustment of Fruit Drying Machine

During the use of Fruit Drying Machine, due to the wear of the chain, belt and bearings, the chain tension, belt tension and bearing clearance will change, so it needs to be adjusted if necessary.

3.1 Adjustment of the chain

Chain adjustment should pay attention to the loose side of the chain and the chain climbing phenomenon, too tight will increase wear. When adjusting, it is advisable to press the loose side chain with your hand. If you press it hard, it means that it is too tight. Otherwise, you can press it gently with one hand, it means that it is too loose, and you must continue to adjust.

3.2 Adjusting the belt of Fruit Drying Machine

The belt tension must be adjusted by the tensioner. If the belt is too tight, it will cause serious wear of the belt. If it is too loose, it will easily slip. Generally, when the two wheels are about 1m, press the middle of the belt with your fingers to lower it vertically by 10-20 mm. Adjust it at any time during use.

3.3 Adjustment of bearing clearance

Proper bearing clearance is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. There are two adjustment methods according to different fixing methods. For bearings with fixed inner ring position and adjustable outer ring, the method of adding or removing the bearing cover gasket should be used; for bearings with fixed outer ring and adjustable inner ring, the method of adjusting nut should be used.

4. Maintenance of Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine generally have the highest utilization rate during the harvest season of fruits and vegetables, and are used less frequently at other times, so daily management and maintenance are the key to extending their service life.

The maintenance of Fruit Drying Machine is divided into daily maintenance and quarterly maintenance. In general, daily maintenance should be performed after each drying operation. Check the safety of electrical circuits; check whether the protective parts are loose, and tighten them immediately when they are loose; check whether the bearings are short of oil, and replenish them if necessary. Quarterly maintenance should be performed after each drying quarter is completed. Thoroughly remove the sundries and dust of the machine; completely replace the lubricating oil and grease; check the tightness of the sealing parts and replace with new ones if necessary; For some Fruit Drying Machines that have not been used for a long time, if they need to be stored outdoors, protective measures should be taken.

If you wanna know more information about Use Methods of Fruit Drying Machine, please visit GuanFeng Freeze Dried Fruit Machine site or check below link: https://www.gf-machine.com/product/quick-freezing-equipment/
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